Frequently Asked Questions

Orders and shipping
Which payment methods do you accept??

Products purchased (books, simulators, etc.) in this website can be paid via any credit card using a safe online payment system called PayPal, or by sending your money via Western Union. Online purchases are in American Dollars. The payment method for public workshops depends on each course. Visit the Calendar of workshops for more information. The payment method for in-company services is via wire transfer to a bank account or as defined with the client. If you are in URUGUAY, you can also pay cash in American Dolars or in Uruguayan Pesos in our offices.

Which is the fastest and safest shipping method? ¿FedEx or Uruguayan Post Office??

We offer two shipping options FEDEX (, and EL CORREO URUGUAYO which is the Uruguayan Postal Office ( . Fedex is faster than El Correo Uruguayo. Transit times depends on the country where the package is shipped to. All shipments are made from Uruguay.

Both shipping companies are safe, that doesn’t eliminate though, the risk of loosing packages in transit. However, since Liliana Buchtik is operating with both companies, to date there had been no packages lost in transit with El Correo, and only once there was a lost package with Fedex (which was paid by Fedex as the package had insurance covered

Do I have to pay customs/importation taxes in my country when I receive the package??

When you pay for your products (e.g. books) in this website, you are only paying for the shipping cost. The amount that you pay to us, DOES NOT include importation/customs duties/taxes that may be charged in the customer’s country upon the product(s) arrival. In case Customs and/or Fedex in your country charges you for such taxes, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE TO PAY FOR THEM DIRECTLY IN YOUR COUNTRY IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO RECEIVE THE SHIPMENT. Liliana Buchtik cannot determine in advance, at the time of sending the package, if there will be charges at the destination country, as a result, those charges are not included in the shipping cost listed in this website. If you were requested to pay such taxes upon arrival, and you don’t pay, the package will be considered as abandoned. In general, packages sent by El Correo Uruguayo are not required to pay for such charges. However, in the case of Fedex, in some countries like in Peru or Brasil, customs charges apply. If you have doubts about it, we suggest choosing to ship by El Correo Uruguayo instead of Fedex to avoid surprises later.

I bought a book in this site and it hasn't arrived yet. What is the shipment status??

If you purchased a product with FedEx shipping method, you received from us an e-mail with the tracking number. This is a 12 digit number that you need to use in to track your shipment. If when tracking your shipment, you don’t see it online, or you see that the package is retained or delayed for some reason, contact Fedex directly in your country to consult about it.

If you purchased a product with El Correo Uruguayo shipping method, you will receive a shipping number. With that number, you cannot know at all times where the package is, but you can track the package while it is in Uruguay and after arrival in your country. You can track the package while it is in Uruguay at under SEGUIMIENTO DE ENVIOS menu. There you can confirm when your package entered the postal office in Uruguay and when the package left Uruguay. After the package enters your country, use the same shipping number to track it in the national postal office of your country. E.g. in Peru, track it at, in Chile track it at,

After Liliana Buchtik leaves your package at FEDEX or El Correo Uruguayo office in Uruguay, the delivery is outside of her control and the customer is the sole responsible to track the package with the shipping company directly. El Correo Uruguayo doesn’t accept claims until after 30 working days after the package was sent.

Where can I purchase Liliana's books??

Liliana Buchtik doesn’t work with local distributors. Her books are only sold in this website and shipped to anywhere in the world via FedEx or the Uruguayan Postal Office system. All books authored by Liliana and published by buchtik global are sold in this website in the PRODUCTS page. However, Secrets to Mastering the WBS in Real-World Projects, is the only book that Liliana authored that wasn’t published by buchtik global but by Project Management Institute (PMI). As a result, this book must be purchased at PMI store. This book is shipped from PMI in United States. Liliana’s books are shipped from Uruguay.

In which formats are Liliana's books available??

Secrets to Mastering Risk Management in Real-World Projects and Secrets to Passing the PMI-RMP are only available in paperback editions. Secrets to Mastering the WBS in Real-World Projects – Second Edition is available in paperback and kindle editions.

In which languages are Liliana's books available??

Secrets to Mastering the WBS in Real-World Projects, Second Edition is only available in English. Secrets to Mastering Risk Management in Real-World Projects and Secrets to Passing the PMI-RMP are available in Spanish and in English.

Which are the latest editions of Liliana's books??

Secrets to Mastering the WBS in Real-World Projects is in SECOND edition. Secrets to Mastering Risk Management in Real-World Projects is in THIRD edition and Secrets to Passing the PMI-RMP is in FIRST edition.

Are Liliana's books aligned to the PMOBK Guide Fifth Edition??

All of Liliana’s books and simulators are aligned to the PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition.

Permissions and Copyright
What is copyright? Which Liliana's publications are copyrighted??

Copyright laws give an author or creator of an original work the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute or otherwise use that work for a fixed time period. The author may legally assign his or her rights to a third party. In this case, the third party becomes the copyright holder. All books and simulators published by Liliana Buchtik are Liliana Buchtik copyrighted materials which are protected under copyright law and may require permission from Liliana Buchtik to use. If you would like to use any portion of Liliana Buchtik copyrighted materials – in any media – for non-personal use, you must first obtain written permission from Liliana Buchtikbuchtik global‘s Legal Department will analyze your permission request and will reply to you.

Permission request to use Liliana's publications?

When you request permission to use Liliana Buchtik’s copyrighted material for non-personal use, Liliana Buchtik may or may not authorize you to use it. Permission to use implies either to reference, quote, modify, adapt, expand, paraphrase, create derived works, make copies, or republish, part of or an entire work of Liliana Buchtik copyrighted material. If you would like to use any portion of Liliana Buchtik copyrighted materials - in any media – for personal use, academic use, and/or commercial use, you must first obtain written permission from Liliana Buchtik  and pay the appropriate permission fee, where applicable before you can use itA request for permission is not an implied grant of use of the requested materials, neither does inserting a footnote with the publication and author name grants you the use of the requested materials. Any personal use for Liliana Buchtik materials that is not shared or distributed to anyone else does not require written permission from Liliana Buchtik for use. Personal use includes creating personal study aids that are not shared or sold, copying pages for one’s reference, and any other use that is not intended. 

When do you need to request permission??

You must request permission before you use Liliana Buchtik material for non-personal use (as personal use is defined in prior question above). It does not matter if you purchase/obtain the material before or after permission is granted, but you can only use that material for non-personal use after permission has been obtained. To request permission you must download, complete and send us the Intellectual Property Permission Request Form

How do you request permission??
What happens after you send your completed Permissions Request Form??

Your completed form will be reviewed in the order that it is received. Following review, a representative of buchtik global’s Legal Department staff will contact you to let you know if your request will be granted, and the amount of the permission fee if any. Once all terms have been established, a permissions agreement will be prepared and sent to you. When the permissions agreement has been fully executed and the fee paid, the permission will be in force under the terms of the agreement.

If you paraphrase any portion of Liliana's copyrighted material, do you need to request permission??

Yes. You must credit the original source if you paraphrase. Paraphrasing should not be used to avoid requesting permission from Liliana Buchtik. buchtik global requires those who are paraphrasing to request permission to avoid copyright infringement.

If you redraw a figure, table or graph from Liliana's copyrighted material, do you need to request permission??

Yes. Copying the same structure and content of graphics still constitutes as a direct reference. You must credit the original source. Liliana Buchtik requires those who are redrawing/using/adapting/expanding/extending/refering/modifying/etc. figures/tables/graphs to request permission to avoid copyright infringement.

May you photocopy a publication from Liliana for others in your office or study group??

No. Liliana’s publications are for personal use only unless you have received from Liliana Buchtik a different authorization for use, in written.

Can you translate, in part or in its entirety, a publication from Liliana??

No, unless Liliana Buchtik has granted you a translation license in written. 


Why can't I access the simulator if I used to access it??

If you already used the quantity of accesses purchased (up to 30 accesses per simulator) you can’t continue accessing the simulator; OR if you try to use it after 90 days after your purchase the simulator then you won’t be able to access it. You can access the simulator for a 90 consecutive days after the purchase date, and in that period you can access it up to 30 times, meaning you can execute 30 exams at a maximum. The simulator has a counter that counts how many times your licence key accessed the simulator. After 30 times, you are not allowed to enter the simulator, unless you purchase another license. NOTE that if you shared with others your license key, all the times someone else enters the simulator with your key, will decrease the quantity of accesses that you purchased. E.g. if you shared your key with a coworker and he accessed the simulator 5 times, then you won’t be able to access the simulator 30 times but only 25 times. Thus, DO NOT SHARE your license key, and STORE IT IN A SAFE LOCATION so others can’t use it.

Do you have a simulator demo version??

No, el simulador es muy fácil de utilizar y en la página de información del simulador se muestran algunas pantallas de ejemplo si desea verlo, no hay necesidad de probarlo debido a su simplicidad de uso, simplemente debe moverse entre las preguntas con el botón NEXT (hacia adelante) y BACK (hacia atrás) y luego terminar el examen con el botón SUBMIT (terminar). Replica el mismo sistema de navegación entre pantallas que usa el examen PMI-RMP del PMI.

¿Cuándo puedo acceder al simulador luego de que lo compré??

Una vez que compró el simulador, buchtik global tiene hasta 48 horas hábiles para asignarle un código de activación de acceso y enviárselo por e-mail junto con los datos de instalación y acceso al simulador. De todos modos, se hace lo posible para enviar la inormación de acceso mucho antes de eso, en general al momento o a las pocas horas de comprado. 48 horas hábiles es el tiempo máximo. Si en 48 horas no recibió la información de acceso, instalación y uso del simulador, revise si nuestro e-mail no quedó atrapado en su carpeta de e-mails de Spam, de lo contrario contáctenos luego de las 48 horas.

In which languages are the simulators available??

In English and Spanish. The English edition has the software and content in English. The Spanish edition has the software in English but the content (exam questions, answers, references, etc.) is in Spanish. When purchasing simulators, you will receive a user manual.

Are Liliana's simulators aligned to the PMBOK Guide 5th Edition??