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El Observador TV, Uruguay

El Observador Online TV│Montevideo, Uruguay

Liliana was interviewed by reporter Malena Rodriguez from El Observador Online Television, one of the main Uruguayan media and press companies. She spoke for 40 minutes about how her career began and her vision of project and risk management. See a piece of the interview: watch video (in Spanish).
Mercedes Benz Magazine, Uruguay
Revista Mercedes Benz

Nov. 2014 │ Page 62

Liliana was interviewed by this prestigious magazine. Her interview and photos were featured in a section where one outstanding individual from Uruguay is selected to be interviewed in each edition. The individual must also be a Mercedes Benz brand customer. See the interview and pictures (in Spanish): Magazine cover, pages 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05.
Caja Los Andes TV, Chile

Canal de Televisión Corporativo│Santiago de Chile

Liliana fue entrevistada por el canal de televisión de la empresa Caja Los Andes en Santiago de Chile con motivo de una capacitación que realizó a su personal y ejecutivos. Vea un informe sobre su visita y parte de una entrevista: Ver video.
El Telegrafo Newspaper, Ecuador

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Liliana was interviewed by El Telegrafo newspaper in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The article was about project risk management and Liliana’s Secrets to Mastering Risk Management in Real-World Projects book.
Canal M, Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay

During Genexus 23 Event, the largest information technology industry event in Uruguay with over 3,000 attendees, Liliana talked with Channel M about risks in software projects. Watch video (in Spanish).
Santo Domingo Television, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo | The World of Business program

A TV program about economy, marketing and business where Liliana spoke from 9 to 9:30 PM about the state of project management in Latin America. She was interviewed by general producer and presenter Mr Pedro Diaz Bellester.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI Publication│Page 20

An article about the launch and value of PMI Latin American Web Portals, and its project. Liliana was responsible for the project and maintenance of the Spanish Portal from 2010 to 2012. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI Publication | Page 6

An article about PMI Leadership Institute Meeeting in Argentina which reunited global volunteers with PMI staff, to include PMI President and CEO, Mark Langley. Liliana is mentioned as she led a plenary session on initiatives within Latin America.  Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI Publication | Page 15

The launch of Kindle edition of Liliana’s Secrets to Mastering the WBS in Real-World Projects book, published by PMI in 2010, was announced. Section: Books and Standards Now Available for eReading on Many Devices. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI Publication | Page 31

Liliana is mentioned as one of the PMI South Cone Tour Congress panelist in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Among the speakers was Hugo Constanzo, one of the planning engineers of the famous project to rescue 33 miners in Chile.  Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI Publication | Page 38

Liliana was mentioned as the opening keynote speaker at the First Dominican Republic Project Management Congress which was held in Punta Cana. She spoke about obtaining business results through project management. Read the article.
Ministry of Public Construction, Chile

Santiago de Chile | Published by

Chilean Ministry of Public Construction (MOP) reunited government agencies in a seminar to discuss project management for government modernization. Liliana is mentioned as a distinguished international expert who presented at the seminar. Read the article.
Mining Area Magazine, Chile

Antofagasta, Chile

Mining magazine from Chile and Latin America where Liliana is mentioned as one of the keynote speakers of the  7thAntofagasta Project Management Congress. Read the article.
Mining Technicians Magazine, Chile

Santiago de Chile | Providers, Mining and Business

Liliana is mentioned as one of the keynote speakers of the 7th Antofagasta Project Management Congress, together with Beth Partleton, PMP, Chair of the Project Management Institute’s Board of Directors at that time. Read the article.
Central Chronicle Magazine, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo | Central Bank Publication | Page 7

Liliana is mentioned as an author and speaker of the First International Dominican Republic Project Management Congress held at Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana in the 77 Edition of the Dominican Republic Central Bank publication. Read the article (in Spanish).
CIDNewsMedia, Guatemala

Guatemala City | Online newspaper

Press article in an online newspaper from Guatemala City with an interview with Liliana and Hector Perez, PMI Guatemala Chapter President, to announce the launch of the PMI Guatemala Chapter. Read the article (in Spanish).
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI Publication | Page 24

Liliana is mentioned with PMI Director William Moylan, PhD, as speakers of the PMTOUR Congress 2011 in Mexico City. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI Publication  | Page 7

When Liliana worked as PMI Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, she wrote an article about the state of the profession in that market. Liliana worked in that position fro three years starting in 2010. Read the article.
PM Network Magazine, USA

PMI Publication | Page 68

Liliana’s Secrets to Mastering the WBS in Real-World Projects book, published by PMI, was featured in the September volume of PM Network magazine, the global leading project management magazine. Read the article.
Project Management Journal Magazine, USA

PMI Publication | Page 132

Secrets to Mastering the WBS in Real-World Projects book authored by Liliana was reviewed by Greg Indelicato, PMP, from Texas, USA, in the Cover to Cover section of the most important project management research magazine in the world. Read the review.
PM Network Magazine, USA

PMI Publication | Page 68

Liliana’s Secrets to Mastering the WBS in Real-World Projects book, was featured in the PMI Marketplace section of the August volume of PM Network magazine. Read the article.
PM Network Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Page 69

Liliana’s Secrets to Mastering The WBS in Real World Projects book was featured in the Featured Books section of the PM Network magazine. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI publication| Page 9

Liliana is mentioned as a keynote speaker of the Tour Cono Sur Congress in Montevideo, Uruguay, with keynote Eduardo Strauch, one of the famous Andes tragedy survivors told in ALIVE book. Read the article.
The Project Exchange Bulletin, USA

FSSIG publication | Pages 5 and 7

Managing Projects Virtually: Four Conditions to Succeed, an article written by Liliana, was featured in the PMI Financial Services Specific Interest Group (FSSIG) bulletin. FSSIG was the biggest project management group for financial services professionals and today is part of the PMI communities of practice for financial services. Read the article.
PM Forum and PM World Today, USA

Online news

PMForum was the worldwide leading website for project management news and information from more than 30 countries. It also produced the monthly PM World Today eJournal sharing articles, case studies and stories. Liliana was an international correspondent for them in 2009. Today is PM World Journal in
ISSIG Review Newsletter, USA

ISSIG publication | Vol. III 2009 | Pages 7-8

Managing Projects Virtually, an article written by Liliana was featured in the Information Systems Specific Interest Group (ISSIG) Review Newsletter, today called PMI Information Systems Community of Practice. Read the article: Page 07 and 08.
MundoPM Magazine, Brazil

Pages 70-74

Managing projects virtually: four conditions to succeed, written by Liliana in the Market Trends section of MundoPM magazine, the most recognized project management magazine in Brazil. Read the article: pages 70, 71, 72, 73, and 74 (in Portuguese).
Ñanduti 1020 AM, Paraguay

Asuncion | Online news

Paraguay will host an important International Project Management Congress article highlights the participation of PMI authorities from the United States: Chair of the Board Beth Partleton, PMI CEO Gregory Balestrero, and Latin American Representative Liliana Buchtik. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Page 3

Liliana commenting on the Virtual Communities Technology Project that she managed for the Project Management Institute when she was an IT Project Manager at the Global Operations Center of PMI in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Page 5

Liliana was mentioned in the article Leading PMI Volunteers: Who They Are and What Do They Do, when she was part of the PMI Component Mentor Member Advisory Group, which was a volunteer role she had prior to work for PMI. Read the article.
PMI GovSIG Magazine, USA

PMI GovSIG publication | Page 4

In the Letter from the GovSIG Chair, at the Spotlight section of the GovSIG magazine, Liliana is acknowledged for sending a warm letter of endorsement to PMIsupporting the GovSIG nomination to the SIG Component of the Year Award. Read the article.
EL PAIS Techno Magazine, Uruguay

Magazine of EL PAIS newspaper | Page 18

Technology magazine supplement to one of the most important newspapers in Uruguay. Article: The professional profile of Systems Professionals.
 |   ,
PM Network Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Page 32

Career Track Supplement. Liliana’s resume was featured in a full page in the Curriculum Vitae section of Carrer Track, a supplement of PM Network magazine. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Page 16

Liliana is mentioned as a keynote of the IV Project Management Seminar PMI-RS, which reunited more than 300 project managers, corporate leaders and government officials in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Page 8

Quotes from Liliana in the Southern Latin American Project Management Tour Attracts 700 in four countries article. She is also mentioned as one of the event organizers. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Page 2

Liliana is mentioned in the Latin American Chapters reorganized into three regions article. At that time she was in a volunteer role as the PMI Component Mentor for Southern Latin America. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Pages 6-7

Liliana is mentioned as a presenter of the PMI Global Congress held in Panama. She is announced as a PMI Mentor for Southern Latin America, and there is a mention to her visit to PMI Washington DC Chapter in USA. Read the article: page 06 and 07.
PM Network Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Page 19

Liliana is mentioned as a distinguished speaker of the PMI Global Congress 2005-Latin America held in Panama City, in the PMI 2005 Annual Report, a PM Network magazine supplement. Read the article.
PMI Today Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Page 7

Liliana’s picture is shown in the article Learn About Volunteering and PMI, as she was one of the individuals who helped PMI with the initiative mentioned. Read the article.
PM Network Magazine, USA

PMI publication | Page 61

The article Underestimating complexities, written by Liliana, was included in the Questions and Answers section of this magazine where experts are asked. The title of the section was Painkillers. What leadership advice would have prevented your headaches when managing a project? Read the article.
GovSIG LAZ Bulletin, USA

PMI GovSIG Latin-American Zone publication | Pages 21-22

An interview with Liliana was in the Spotlight section of the Latin American Zone magazine of the PMI Government Specific Interest Group (GovSIG), first edition when Liliana was Project Manger at the Justice System in Uruguay. Read the interview: pages 21 and 22 (in Spanish).